multiple online income streamsI have been a member of SFI since 2004 and I just love the program for a number of reasons. Let me share those with you.

Firstly, SFI is free to join and you can earn without spending any money at all. This really suited me when I got started as I did not have money to spend. I worked the free system until I built up an adequate income to upgrade and increase my earnings and from there my business just took off.

Secondly, there are a number of ways you can earn with SFI. SFI works on a points system and the more points you earn the more money you earn. Once you have accumulated 1500 versa points you qualify to earn a share of SFI’s companywide TripleClicks Executive Pool. The higher your rank the more you earn.

You have the opportunity to generate long term residual income by sponsoring affiliates and building a team and you will earn off 12 levels deep.

Generating sales at TripleClicks (SFI’s huge ecommerce site) will earn you great commissions too. SFI also have a PPA program where you earn from generating leads for SFI. Referring e-commerce affiliates is another income stream that can be very lucrative. SFI reward you by placing affiliates in your care so you become a Co-Sponsor and you earn a percentage from them too.

From the above you can see there are many ways to earn an income online from SFI.

Thirdly, SFI provide fabulous free training. It is laid out step by step, easy to follow and there is plenty of help available in the form of your upline, the forum, SFI support as well as other avenues.

Fourthly, SFI provide you with a huge variety of websites to market every aspect of the business. Other marketing materials include text ads, banners, ecards, business cards etc.

SFI cater for countries all over the world and they offer numerous payment systems and different options to draw your commissions.

They provide great incentives too. I just got to the top level in the Fall Leadership Challenge, which will award me with a number of really super prizes – check it out here

So if you are looking for a long-standing, stable program that offers multiple online income streams with free training what are you waiting for? Join me today at and I’ll help you succeed.

multiple online income streams

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