Not all online money making opportunities offer the same opportunity. Although there are numerous ways you can make money online having a successful Internet business requires you to follow a few simple rules.

Here are three of the most important.

1. Follow your heart and the money will follow. There are truly so many ways to make money on the Internet today that it can be somewhat confusing.

Your best chance to have fun and earn money is to start a niche affiliate marketing business. This is a good idea because you can take this Internet opportunity and build it around something that you have an interest in.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to get started because there are so many different programs and products available along a wide range of niches. Chances are pretty good you can find one to get involved with.

2. Work hard at building an email marketing list to promote your products to. The most successful Internet marketers today are people who have a mailing list they can mail offers out to.

Therefore any successful online money making opportunity must provide you with landing pages and an autoresponder that follows up with your prospects. Most affiliate programs today will provide you with follow-up messages.

With some you will have to go and get an autoresponder with a company such as Aweber or Get Response.

This is an investment worth making because a quality auto responder will pay you many times over in the future. As a matter of fact this will become one of your most profitable Internet assets.

3. Master a least one form of traffic generation. It doesn’t matter whether you do social marketing or pay per click advertising. It doesn’t matter whether you do blogging or article marketing.

What does matter is that you become adept at getting traffic to your website. If you can afford it you can even outsource your internet marketing efforts as long as you are getting quality traffic on a consistent basis.

Assuming that you have set up a niche affiliate business, and have a system in place to capture your visitors contact information, then traffic is the most important thing you have left to do.

All of your web pages should have a sign up form on them. You should also have a handful of landing pages you can promote all over the Internet.

This is three rules of successful online money making opportunities. Your success will come down to how you market your opportunity and follow up with your website traffic.

These three rules will help you increase your chances for becoming successful yourself!

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