It is only a few weeks ago when I logged into my First National Bank (FNB) account online and saw the notice stating that FNB were in negotiations with the South African Reserve Bank and PayPal.

Today, I was able to link my FNB account to my PayPal account and withdraw money directly from PayPal into my FNB account.

Yes, you read that correctly……. South Africans can now withdraw funds from PayPal.

This is exciting and fantastic news for South Africans who have, until today, only been able to pay out from their PayPal account.

It also meant, that until today, many South Africans were excluded from a lot of good online business opportunities because the only payout option was PayPal.

So if you are one of the ones who have been waiting for PayPal to include South Africa then all you need to do is open a PayPal account and an FNB account (if you don’t already have one) and link it to your PayPal account. Then you can withdraw your funds by following the PayPal options in your online FNB account.

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