If you are a Plug-in Profit Site member and experiencing a bit of a slow down at the moment, which is normal at this time of the year, then the PIPS Power Group have got a great incentive to help you move your business forward.

Spring/Summer in the Northern Hemisphere tends to make things a little slower than usual on the internet but for those serious about their business this is the time to work even harder.

The PIPS Power Group “Summer” Giveaway Contest starts on June 1st and ends on July 15th.

There are $500 worth of prizes – in the form of cash and services. The judging of the winners will be based on progress not traffic and sales so it does not matter whether you are a complete newbie or if you have had your Plug-in Profit site for sometime.

If you are already a PPG member and have not submitted your Website URL and Alexa Ranking to be eligible to enter the competition, then head on over to the PPG forum and do so right away, before 1st June 2008.

If you are not yet a PPG member but would like to find out more about how these 6 online business mentors can help you elevate your success with your Plug-in Profit Site then click here. If you are not a Plug-in Profit Site member – get all the details about this proven way to start a home business.

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