If you are a Plug-in Profit Site member you may already be aware of the changes that have been made to the program, but just in case you’re not ………..

Every now and again Stone Evans evaluates the performance of the Core Programs that make up the Plug-in Profit site and periodically makes changes.

Yesterday, it was announced that Leisure Audio Books would be replaced by Clickbank.

I personally think that this is a good idea as Clickbank is easy and free to join as well as provides instant cash from sales made from your online home business website.

You do not have to remove the Leisure Audio Book (LAB) links from your main website as you are free to go on promoting LAB if you wish. It just means that you will not receive any more sign-ups from the PIPS Sales Page.

That is the beauty of the PIPS program – you are actually free to promote whatever programs you like on your own website.

Stone has explained the reason for the change in the programs in your Member’s Area under the Account section. Be sure to check that your Clickbank ID or Nickname is correct.

He also advised that a new website template will be available soon, so you will be able to add the Clickbank products that he is suggesting to your website.

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