lack of technical skillsI recall when I was first started looking for a way to start an online business in 2006 I feared that my lack of technical skills was going to be my biggest challenge.

This was the case with so many programs that I joined.  I didn’t know where to start and the training did not cater for beginners or those who lacked the technical skills.  They just assumed that we knew all the technical jargon that comes with internet marketing.  They also assumed everyone knew html or how to operate a WordPress blog or was experienced at marketing online.

This got me thinking that perhaps I was wrong is expecting opportunities to provide this type of training. May be I should go away and get myself trained and then come back and start searching for the right opportunity.

I didn’t do that because I felt there must be hundreds of people out there just like me who did not have the technical know-how.    I persisted as I was sure there must be some opportunity online that catered for beginners.

I was right and I found that opportunity in April 2006 – The Plug-in Profit Site.  This online business system is designed for those of us who have no idea how to build a website or market online. They provide you with a free ready made website and excellent internet marketing training.

I recently released a Press Release entitled “Top Internet Business Start Up Idea For Non-Tech Savvy People” – if you’d like to read it you can do so here:

So if you are a beginner or lack the technical skills and don’t know how to get started with your own online business, The Plug-in Profit Site may just be the answer for you.  Click on the banner below to get all the details.

Plug-in Profit Site

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