Many people who join the Plug-in Profit Site (PIPS) are unsure of how many affiliate programs to upgrade in. One thing that makes The Plug-in Profit Site unique is that it includes several affiliate or network marketing programs within the PIPS affiliate program itself.

Most people who start out with their own Plug-in Profit Site are very short of money and this is the primary reason for them trying to make money online to begin with. To upgrade in all the programs can be a financial hardship for many.

When reading Stone Evans “30 Days To Success” it can also be difficult to determine where to spend your advertising dollars. Stone does push hard for people to join his PIPS advertising co-op but in reality that may not be the best thing for everyone to do.

To determine whether you should upgrade in a program ask yourself this simple question: “can I afford to spend money on it at this time or not?” If you cannot afford to invest money into a program it never is a good idea to do so.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they should invest more money because that is what it takes to be successful. However, in reality you can achieve success online by investing your time if you are short of money.

Of course you need to maintain your hosting account and you should upgrade your auto-responder as well as these are the two primary business tools that are necessary for you to develop an ongoing income.

Once you start making money with your Plug-in Profit Site you can reinvest some of your profits into upgrading in your favorite affiliate program and build your business from that point on.

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