I have been asked a few times recently why I chose the Plug-in Profit site to start my own online home business as opposed to building a website of my own.

There are so many reasons that make it simple for me to answer this question. Back in April 2006 I did not know anything about html and so I would not have had any idea how to start an online home business let alone build a website of my own.

Also I had no idea how to find a reliable auto-responder, let alone install and configure it and as for writing a series of emails to create an online home business newsletter, well I really would not have known where to begin!

I would have also had to buy a domain name and look for a reliable hosting company, of which I had no experience at all.

As I had very little experience with affiliate programs, it would have been very difficult to find reliable, long-standing affiliate programs that pay high commissions to add to my website.

I knew I needed some good solid training on the basics as well as internet marketing training and of course with the little I knew I was no doubt going to make mistakes and therefore needed good support and backup.

If I had chosen the route of starting my own online home business by building my own website I think that would have been a disaster waiting to happen with the little I knew.

When I think back I actually knew very little indeed and therefore it made perfect sense to start my own online home business with a Plug-in Profit site.

The Plug-in Profit site literally provided me with everything I needed.

I was able to choose my own domain name and once I had registered with each affiliate program I just had to insert my affiliate id`s into a form and within 24 hours I received a professional, fully loaded and fully automated e-commerce website (which was setup FREE) with 6 of the best top paying affiliate programs, a 400 day pre-written email auto-responder campaign was built-in to my website that automatically follows-up with my visitors, and an excellent training program with full support.

With the excellent training provided I was able to start marketing my online home business immediately while at the same time learn about the all the things I had no clue about. I can now confidently make changes to my website and add and remove programs as I wish as I learnt html via the free training videos provided. I have also learnt a great deal about my auto-responder and have set up another campaign.

As for the internet marketing training, well that has been just fantastic and I have learnt to market my online home business in a very effective and profitable way simply by using free internet marketing methods such as article marketing, blogging, web and ezine directory submissions.

By signing up for a Plug-in Profit site, I can honestly say, was the best decision I have ever taken on the internet and I am sure that had I not taken that step I would not have my own online home business today and I would still be jumping from program to program trying to make an income online.

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