Press Releases are a good free way to promote your online home business. Not only will you build backlinks to your site but it is a great way to get free publicity and free traffic.

It is important that you have something to announce and don’t use a press release as a sales pitch.

You can use press releases to announce the launch of your website or when you make major changes or have current news that relates to your website.

Writing a press release is similar to writing an article, but with a little extra information. You will need a good title, a tag line, an opening paragraph and body as well as a summary. Include your website address in the body of the press release. Also you will need to add your location and the date.

You can write the press release yourself or outsource it and provide them with the information that you want included.

Submitting press releases need not cost you a cent as there are plenty of free press release sites on the internet. Submit your press release to a few sites rather than just one.

At IBO Toolbox you can submit 2 press releases a day and get excellent exposure. It is totally free and if you join I will send you full instructions on how to make the best use of this free marketing and advertising platform. Affiliate links are allowed so it is a great place to market any opportunities you are involved in. Click on the banner below and check it out.

IBO Toolbox for free press releases

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