I don’t know about you but since the world financial crisis our local currency has really weakened against the US Dollar. This of course is great when banking the Dollar checks I earn, but as I live in South Africa paying out in South African Rands has become very expensive.

I thought I would share with you details of what I have done to reduce the running costs of my online home business and make it even more recession-proof.

South Africans are able to open a PayPal account and make payments through it but cannot withdraw the cash – but that is not a problem.

Firstly, I have started marketing a few extra products on my website that payout via PayPal. This way I can build up a balance in my PayPal account to pay my monthly dues in Dollars as opposed to paying with my credit card in Rands.

My hosting company, Host4Profit offer the facility of paying with PayPal if you pay 2 months in advance, so rather than pay with Rands through my credit card I have opted now for this option.

I have ensured that where possible I have ticked the option to have my monthly subscriptions deducted from my affiliate commissions prior to payment being sent to me by cheque, e.g. SFI and Empowerism.

So now the only payment that I make in South African Rands is my monthly subscription to the company I use to distribute my articles, SubmitYourArticle as they unfortunately do not have the PayPal option.

These changes have resulted of course in reduced credit card charges as well.

Hopefully these tips will help any of you who are also experiencing a weakening of your local currency against the Dollar and looking for ways to recession-proof your business.

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