Affiliate Marketing is not something people often think of when they want to build a residual income. Taking advantage of this great concept will provide you with an income well into the future.

Here we discuss four ways that you can use affiliate marketing to build residual income for the future.

Firstly, two tier affiliate programs is something you probably have already heard of. They are termed Two Tier Programs because you get paid for any sales that you make and you also get paid a commission on sales made by affiliates that you sponsor.

You can create residual income with two tier programs by focusing on building a sales force of active affiliates as you will earn a commission on every sale made by them. You will earn commissions every month on sales made by your team of highly active affiliates.

Secondly, you can earn online income every month on autopilot by building many websites, as many others have already done. These people rarely look at their sites any more yet they make a huge amount of money every year. These sites attract a huge amount of targeted traffic and generate commissions through affiliate sales as a result of the hard work that they put in initially. You can do this by starting up sites in different niche markets. By selling a variety of products online you can then generate income as an affiliate marketer.

Thirdly, have you considered selling residual income programs that charge a membership fee? You will find sites such as online training programs that charge on a recurring basis.

Every time a rebilling occurs you can earn a commission as an affiliate. If you market a number of these programs these commissions can bring in a great monthly income for the work you did initially.

Also website hosting is an excellent product to market as an affiliate. Every time the webmaster is billed for hosting his site you would get paid a commission.

Fourthly, have you considered creating your own products and setting up an affiliate program so that other affiliates can sell them for you? Writing an ebook and marketing it on ClickBank is a great way to begin. You can concentrate your efforts on creating another new product while new sales are being made for you every month by affiliates.

The above are just four ways you can build a residual income of your own using affiliate marketing. You will be financially rewarded in the future for all the work you put in although it does take time and hard work to develop a residual income initially.

If you are keen to build a residual income you will find a variety of residual income opportunities on my Affiliate Marketing Business website.

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