Residual income ideasOnce you understand the concept of recurring income it’s hard to get it out of your mind. The Internet makes it possible for average people to make residual income. One of the best ways to do that is with the affiliate marketing business model.

In affiliate marketing you are given products to sell from the affiliate merchant.  This is good because most of us do not have our own products to promote on the Internet.

You are given an affiliate website to promote that has your products on it where a customer can purchase them from you.  You earn a commission for every sale you make.

In the past this was primarily done by selling a product. However, today you can also earn money on pay per click affiliate programs and cost per action affiliate programs.

Your compensation can also become residual when you sell affiliate products that pay you in the future as well as for the sale you make today. Selling a membership to an affiliate training program would be one example of this.

Many affiliate merchants provide a product funnel for you to develop a residual income as well. You make money by selling a lower priced item up front. You can continue to make money by selling higher priced products on the back end.

The nice thing about this concept is the merchant takes care of everything once you make the initial sale. However, you continue to be compensated as though you are working on future sales too.

There really is no product category that you cannot find affiliate programs for.  However finding ways to make residual income with these affiliate programs might be a little more difficult.

Try to think in terms of products a person would need to re-purchase in the future.  This is why membership sites are so popular to promote when you are looking for residual income.

However, you can also develop a long term income by doing things such as building a large number of websites and putting Google Adsense ads on them. People who do this focus on niche marketing and try to create a site that will continue to pay them every month even when they are no longer promoting it.

With Google ads you do not have to sell any product. You just promote your website with ads on them and you make money when people click on the ads.

These are a few thoughts on how to make residual income. There really is no limitation on the number of ways you can do it in the affiliate marketing business model.

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