Increase your rankingIf your affiliate marketing website is not highly ranked in the search engines it will do you little good. On the other hand if you are well ranked your site will come up when someone does a search for information on the types of products or services you are offering.

Here are just a few of the many ways that you can increase your  ranking.

Firstly you should add new content to your website or blog on a regular basis.  Try and get into the habit of doing this about twice a week. If you are suffering from writer’s blog you could write a product review or take an article that you have written and break it up into more detailed points. You could also write an article about an e-book that you have read or a video that is relevant.

Submitting your website to the online directories is an easy way to get your website indexed. There are many directories that are free and some do charge you to submit your site but they offer greater visibility and there are thousands of directories to choose from. Aim to add your site to 10 to 20 directories a month. You can hire a person or a service to do this for you.

Submitting your articles to article directories is another great way to increase your back links which in turn will increase your rankings. Although it does take some time to write articles and submit them to the directories, it is highly effective and completely free. You may want to consider investing in some article submission software if you choose to submit your articles to many directories.  I recommend SubmitYourArticle, which I use myself and it gives you the option to spin your articles so you can submit variations of your article to the different directories.

Another way that you can establish both credibility and links to your site is making use of forums. Set up your forum signature using your main keyword phrase linked to your website. Ideally you want to stay active in at least one forum by asking genuine questions and answering what you can. If it suits your schedule try to contribute at least one comment per day as this will definitely generate links to your affiliate marketing website. Also use the same principle to post comments on highly ranked blogs and where possible comment on blogs that are ranked higher than your website or blog is.

Use OnlyWire or Socialmarker to bookmark your site on some of the social bookmarking sites. Rather bookmark your site in a random fashion and not on all the sites at one time or in one day. You could bookmark your site with one social website on one day, along with some other sites, then maybe the next day bookmark your site twice along with some other sites and then skip a day of bookmarking your site.

The above are just some ways to increase the ranking of your affiliate marketing website.

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