I get really excited when I see my site appearing at No. 1 in Google with more and more keywords.

I used to think that SEO was something only “experts” could do, but I started learning html in May 2006 and with the help of the step-by-step instructions in the ebook entitled SEO Made Easy by Brad Callen I have managed to overcome the fear of SEO. If you would like a copy of this invaluable ebook you can download it here. I also subscribe to four newsletters that are dedicated to SEO and I implement all I can from the information contained in the articles.

I am going to record, regularly, some interesting points that have helped me optimize my site.

– I was amazed to find out that search engine robots cannot read javascript or images, so it is really important to add “alt tags” to the images. This is a great opportunity to use your keywords – don’t spam, but write an interesting little phrase incorporating a keyword or two to describe what the image is pointing to.

– Another interesting fact is that the robots start reading a site in the top left hand corner, so put a keyword phrase there that best describes your site. Also important to put some keywords right at the end of your site.

That is it for today as I must go over to Blogsrater and rate some blogs that will earn me free impressions in the Featured Blog Box.

15 September 2006

– Be sure that the search engine robots can pick up the keywords that you have incorporated into the text of your site by either making them bold or using italics. It is not a good idea to underline your keywords as they can be mistaken by the viewer for a link.

26 September 2006

– Always combine your keywords in your Page Title. Combining keywords to cut down on the total number of keywords displayed in the title is a great way to boost the strength of each individual keyword, which will have an immediate impact on your ranking. Remember you can replace “ands” with the character that looks like a vertical line, which is above the backslash (so use the shift key), directly above the Enter key on your keyboard. (For some reason the vertical line character will not show up on my blog).

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