SFII have been a SFI affiliate since 2004 and have seen many changes and improvements since then.  The opportunity just gets better and better. 

Gery Carson, the President and Founder of SFI, revealed some startling statistics in his New Year’s Message which should get every SFI affiliate really excited.  This is what he had to say …..

To: All SFI Affiliates
From: Gery Carson, SFI President & Founder

Happy New Year to all!

I’m so excited about 2013. But before we talk about what’s ahead, I’d like to share some very impressive stats from the year we’ve just closed out.

* Our total Affiliate base increased 242%, we’re now over a half million strong!
* TripleClicks membership mushroomed to nearly 1.6 million members
* Executive Affiliates increased over 400%
* Sales revenues at TripleClicks more than doubled
* Interest in Pricebenders exploded (we’re now seeing nearly 500,000 bids/month)
* SFI Facebook book followers exceeded 70,000
* SFI Twitter followers exceeded 95,000
* Our ECA program reached milestones of 2500+ ECAs in more than 120 countries
* TripleClicks now features more than 62,000 products in 27 different categories
* Traffic at TripleClicks has exploded (Alexi.com now lists us as one of the top 2500 most popular sites in the world, up 62% from the start of the year)

I think you’ll agree that these numbers tell an AMAZING story. I hope you will take pride in these numbers, because YOU helped create them. And get excited about them, too, because they foretell a very bright future for all SFI affiliates. Indeed, the world is now clearly noticing what a powerful combination that SFI and TripleClicks have become, and every SFI affiliate is keenly positioned to profit from it! The potential for SFI affiliates has never been greater.

Now, as much fun as it is looking back at a great year like 2012, I fully expect 2013 to be MUCH bigger yet. I say that because not only do we have great momentum heading into the new year, but because there are many, many, many delightful new additions in store for SFI and TripleClicks. Indeed, we are working on more than 60 such projects right now!

TripleClicks, for example, will soon be sporting numerous new and interesting sections and that will help you attract more members than ever before and, most importantly, generate sales like never before.

We will also soon be introducing a new program that will allow you and your customers to buy and pay locally–in your own currency–to TripleClicks ECAs in your region. In many cases you will even be able to pick up the product directly from the ECA and eliminate shipping charges, too! We hope to make W3 kits, TCredits,  TC gift cards, TC gift certificates, and more, available locally too. For those of you in countries where payment issues have held you back, you’re not going to be held back any more!

We also have numerous new marketing aids, training tools (video!), new Gateways, and much, much more on the way in 2013. I can’t wait to get these new components into your hands!

When there is so much doom and gloom pertaining to the state of most economies around the world it is very exciting to be part of an opportunity that is experiencing a huge upward trend – and things can only get better.

If you are a SFI affiliate, I’d love to hear your thoughts – post a comment below.

If you are not a member of SFI and would like to find out more about this free opportunity click on the banner below.

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