Twitter TweetsAre you tweeting away on Twitter but not getting the results you want?  What is the lifespan of your Tweet?  Are your Tweets healthy or sick?  Want to know how to make them live longer?

I came across a great article on Hubspot written by Maggie Hibma entitled 5 Ways To Extend the Lifespan of a Tweet 

What’s the difference between a healthy tweet and a sick tweet? Simply put: Healthy tweets live longer. How long, you ask? Well, the jury’s still out on that. Some reports say 48 hours, while others say 18 minutes. Either way, we marketers are always striving for those healthy tweets — ones that reach out to our followers and get them engaged with our brand.

But with 9,100 tweets scrolling by every second, we have to do everything we can to get our tweets noticed. There’s a lot of outside factors that influence the lifespan of a tweet — numbers of followers, time of day you’re tweeting, etc. — but to make sure your tweets are as impactful as possible, you have to have a game plan.

You can read the full article here to discover the five strategies you can employ on Twitter to give your tweets the best chance to be healthy and get noticed by your followers.

I hope after implementing these five strategies that you experience greater success with Twitter.  If you would like to link up with me on Twitter you can so do here



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