traffic from FacebookI have been a follower of the Stealth Blog for a long time now and the owner, Alex Safie, shares great information based on his personal experience.  His blog is a great resource for internet marketers.

He recently published a very informative post entitled “How to get $0.03 Likes in Competitive Niches and Turn them into Customers”.

Alex’s experience reveals that :

Facebook ads have become the cheapest and fastest way to build a targeted audience for your blog or site.

Having a Facebook page is a must because it can funnel hundreds of ultra-targeted visitors every day to you site for very little money and because the visitors are so targeted you can easily turn them into customers.

Alex shares what he has been doing to get cheap Likes on Facebook and sets out the process in a step by step format that is easy for you to follow and implement.

If you’d like to know how to harness targeted traffic from Facebook I recommend you check out his blog post here.



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