One of the most frequently asked questions in forums is how to start and build a profitable business online. It is a very important question to ask as you not only need to know how to start a business online, but you need to know how to build it into a profitable one.There is a big difference between building a website and sending immediate traffic to it and already having a business website that converts at a minimum of at least 1% of its visitors into loyal clientele. While it is alright to know the theory and practice of what you have learned, if you don’t have or know how to convert your visitors into clients – paying your website hosting fees might be a pain in the long run.You need a split-testing tool to track every visitor that comes to your website. Without knowing how well your traffic is actually converting, it will be like being a student trying to cook a good looking and tasty lasagna for the first time without a recipe. You only get to assume the results when you get your lasagna cooked and it may not taste like you’ve initially wanted!

The same goes for building a profitable business online. You can have the greatest intent and ideas in mind, but if you don’t have a proven recipe you will increase your chance of failure. As brilliant author Randy Pausch in his Last Lecture book reminds us; “Experience is what we get, when we don’t succeed in what we want.”

However, you now know that tracking every visitor that arrives on your website is of maximum importance. You need to highly consider acquiring a split-testing tool for testing different versions of your index page and well as your inner web pages.

It doesn’t stop on your web pages. With good split-testing software you are able to track your hyperlinks on your index page. You are able to track the words inside your main header and how efficiently they are converting into daily percentages. Most importantly, you are able to at least predict with intelligence what should be your next testing move.

Remember, when you track your visitors you will know how well your business is growing. Once you track your results, you will either get experience that will ultimately lead you to a positive cash-flow or the reverse. A selection of the correct split-testing program will also save you more time and ultimately earn you more money.

If you are experiencing immediate cash-flow then there will be little need to change it as it’s producing you money as an online marketer or you won’t need to change it all. Now, make sure to keep learning and applying the techniques that work to build a profitable business online!

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Cynthia Minnaar runs her own Profitable Online Business full-time from home and she invites you to visit her Internet Marketing Training Guide for more profitable marketing ideas. 

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