As a matter of fact it is very easy to start an Internet business today and anyone can start one. Here are four easy steps on how to start an Internet business and tips on how to generate income from it too.

1. Choose a profitable market. I would like to suggest that you pick something that interests you. If you have a passion for it then that is even better.

It truly is possible to make money on the Internet today with your own business and have fun. Finding a market where people are spending money is the key and you then tie your passion or interest into that niche market. This is known as niche marketing.

There are numerous ways to choose a profitable market. The easiest way is to just look around you and see what people are interested in.

You can do this on TV, in newspapers, in bookstores, and so on. You can also see what is popular according to Google by using Google Trends.

2. Find products to sell by joining an affiliate program. This is really pretty easy to do as there are affiliate programs for almost any niche online today. If you can’t come up with products right away don’t worry about that as you can join Google Adsense and make money selling advertising to businesses.

3. Start a blog. Again this is very easy to do as you can go to Google and join

Put a few Google ads on your blog and you’re ready to start making money. As your blog advances you can transfer it over and host it yourself which gives you total control over everything about it.

4. Promote it everyday. This is where people ultimately end up failing because this is the hardest part.

Your blog and the products you are selling on it is what your Internet business is based around. Therefore to make money people need to come to your blog and read it.

Writing articles and social bookmarking them are proven internet marketing methods that really do work very well. Also adding videos to your blog to liven it up where people are interested in coming back and looking at it again is important.

With these four easy steps you can be up and running in a short space of time although there are many other ideas on how to start an internet business. As you become more skillful you can develop your Internet business into anything you want it to be, or branch out and start more blogs.

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