Best business start upWhat I have found to be one of the most common questions new Internet marketers have is what is the real cost of starting an online business? There is no definitive answer, but there are a few guidelines you can follow.

1. Join affiliate programs for free. You truly can start an online business with absolutely no money out of your pocket when you do this.

In affiliate marketing you are given products and websites to promote. You are even provided with marketing materials such as banner ads, email marketing messages, online videos, and so on.

What you will need to learn how to do is promote your affiliate programs. There are plenty of free ways to do this as well.

For example, you can write and submit articles. You can include a link back to your affiliate program or product in the resource box of your article.

Other free methods of advertising are blogging and social networking. There are plenty of ways to promote affiliate programs without spending money.

2. Join a network marketing company. There are plenty of opportunities to do this for under $100.

There are no other costs needed when you join these type of opportunities. You are given websites to promote and again you can do various forms of free marketing if you want.

3. Take control of your business. I personally think this is a better way to do any type of Internet marketing.

The best strategy is to target a specific niche to start your online business in. Purchase a domain name from a company such as NameCheap. These run about $15 a year or less.

Host your own website or blog. I like Blue Host for this – also they will provide you with a free domain name.  You can host numerous websites or blogs for under $10 a month.

Join an auto-responder. Traffic Wave is very good and runs around $20 a month plus they have a very generous affiliate program that you can promote and earn from.

The reason you do this is to build your own email list. View your email list as an asset that can be worth thousands of dollars to you in the future. When you have people’s names and email addresses you can contact, this is as good as being able to print money.

4.  If you are interested in the online home business niche you have the option of getting a ready made website set up on your own domain with the Plug-in Profit Site. This is a ready made business in a box. The site is set up free and comes with an auto-responder and newsletter already installed.  A domain name costs under $10 and depending on your budget you can decide which affiliate programs to join.

As you can see the real cost of starting an online business is not that much. Even if you do get your own domain name, website hosting, and auto responder, it is less than $50 to get started.

Of course if you choose to go the free route such as affiliate marketing you have no cost of starting an online business.  Just ensure you plan on spending time marketing your business on the internet as opposed to spending money.

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