Time management tipsAre you finding that there is just too much to do to in the time that you have available to work on your online business at home?  Whether you have a couple of hours a day or the whole day available, focus is important if you want to make progress.  Staying focused and managing your time effectively will make a huge difference to what you can achieve on a daily basis.

Lynn Terry is the owner of the ClickNewz! Internet Marketing Blog and I have been following Lynn’s blog for many years as she produces great content and tips based on her own experience as a single Mom running her online business from home.

If you are looking for some time management tips I would like to recommend Lynn’s blog post entitled Staying Focused:  Get More Done In Less Time  where Lynn, in a short video shares  her own personal productivity tips, how she gets focused, and how she runs her home and business (simultaneously) in the most efficient way possible.

You’ll learn:

  • My “Top 3 Priorities” Trick
  • Where I found my “25th Hour”
  • How I stay laser-focused on any given task
  • My “White Space” and how I use it

I hope you benefit from Lynn’s advice and feel free to post your own productivity tips below.


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