We are all aware that it is important to generate high volumes of traffic to a website but it is essential for this traffic be targeted, so that the people who visit your website are likely to buy the services and products you offer.

As promoting your website can take some effort, time and money you don’t want just anyone visiting your site. You want people who would be interested in what you have to offer i.e. targeted website traffic.

Here we discuss proven ways to build a steady stream of visitors to your website who are targeted and likely to bring you sales.

1. You must know who your target customers are and ensure that all your advertising campaigns are targeted at these customers. To do this you need to use all the necessary keywords which define your potential customers in all your advertising campaigns. Your advert must specify the targeted customers if you are using Google Adwords. Your articles must contain the keywords for your niche if you are writing articles as a way of promoting your website.

2. Submit your website to the top online directories in categories relevant to your niche. For example if your website provides online business ideas that relate to making money online from home then get your website listed under this category on relevant websites. If you do this then people who are looking for this specific information that relate to your website will easily find your website.

3. Join and participate in forums and online groups related to your niche. This will enable you to lean more about your potential customers and make it easier to find them. By regularly visiting the relevant forums or online groups where your customers are, you can advertise your website by having your website URL in your signature when you make posts in these forums. The people in forums that are related to your niche are targeted customers who have a high potential to buy from your website.

4. Start writing articles that are rich with your keywords. Articles get picked up and published by many websites, directories and e-zines. This is a quick way to build thousands of back links pointing to your website. It’s important that all your articles contain your keywords so that when people type these keywords into the search engines while looking for information your website comes up and ranks high on these search engines. Article marketing is a highly effective, proven way to increase targeted website traffic.

5. Advertise your website using your own e-zine and other related e-zines. If you publish your own e-zine then you already have many prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. It is a good idea to ensure that your e-zine has new content and gives away some free report or e-books to your subscribers. Don’t forget to add your website URL in all your e-zine publications. Find other e-zines with a readership that matches your target niche market and advertise your website in these e-zines too.

6. It is worth spending some time to look for other websites that your target customers visit and inquire about advertising your website on these websites.

The proven online marketing methods outlined above can increase targeted website traffic, which will result in increased conversion rates and higher profits for you.

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