Tips on video marketingVideo marketing continues to be a great way to promote a business online when you do it correctly. You knew this was going to be big when Google bought You Tube a few years ago.

However, many businesses have been slow to respond to the video marketing opportunities. If you have been considering marketing your company via video here are a few important tips on video marketing.

1. Keep your videos short. People do not want to watch a television show.

You can create short, informative, and catchy videos in a matter of a few minutes.

2. Do not do blatant advertising. One mistake people make is they turn their videos into an ad about their company.

A better approach is to target a specific topic and provide some useful information about it. You can include your website URL at the bottom of every screenshot so you get plenty of good advertising that way.

3. SEO still applies. Search engine optimization should be implemented into your videos.

When you do this you stand a better chance of seeing your video rank on the search engine results when people are searching for a specific keyword phrase. As a matter of fact one of the benefits of video marketing is getting your videos ranked in the search engines.

4. Post your videos on your site. An easy way to do this is to take the embed code from your video and post it in your blog.

This is a great way to market your company using a video. It gives life to your blog and helps enhance your own online credibility.

5. Submit your video. There is no sense in making a video if you’re not going to submit it online where people can find it.

You can use an online submission service to reach multiple shared video sites. You can also manually submit your site to the most important places such as You Tube.

Tips on video marketing6. Article videos. For those of you who are technically challenged you can take existing articles and turn those into videos using an article converter.

Article Video Robot is a great example of this. You can create videos and submit them in a matter of minutes. All you need is a prewritten article that you can paste into their article converter. 

You can make your video as fancy as you want it to be including adding voice and graphics to it. You can also submit it to shared video sites with the click of a button. These are several important tips on video marketing to keep in mind. Video marketing is a tool that should be included in the marketing mix of every Internet business owner.

Tips on video marketing

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