Internet marketing trainingAre you struggling to find the money to promote your website? In this article I want to offer what I call website marketing tips for the poor. These are free or nearly free marketing strategies that do work.

1. Article marketing. With this strategy you will write articles, include your website url in the resource box, and submit these articles to online article directories.  Here’s a free ebook that will teach you How To Construct Highly Effective Articles.

One strategy is to promote your articles to one specific directory. If you do this you want to promote to the largest directories such as Ezine Articles or Articlesbase.

Another strategy is to create unique versions of one article and submit articles to multiple directories. You can do a Google search to find the 10 largest article directories online.

One other strategy is to use a service such as Submit Your Article to create unique versions of your articles. Then submit those with one click to multiple article directories. My Review of Submit Your Article gives you all the details of this automated online article distribution service.  This costs $47 a month and your time.  BUT the good news is you can get started, for a limited time only, for just $4.95 CLICK HERE for my special link to receive this massive discount.

2. Blogging. You can start a blog for free at A better strategy is to host your own WordPress blog which costs less than $10 a month at Blue Host plus you get a free domain name.

The good thing is you can host multiple blogs after that and it won’t cost you any more. Whenever you post a blog article you should social bookmark it using a free service such as Only Wire.

3. Social networking. Facebook is huge. They are now the second largest website in the world behind Google.

Twitter is another good source of social website marketing. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. All of these are potentially good ways to market your website and it doesn’t cost you anything.

4. Email marketing. You can build an email list of your own using some of the above strategies. A quality auto responder costs around $20 a month.

One way to do that is to send all of your traffic to a landing page for people to subscribe to a newsletter you promote. If you can come up with useful and creative information, that people would want to receive, you can build a very large list.

As your list grows you can sell products to it. A way to sell products without spending any money is to become an affiliate of ClickBank where you have a vast number of products to choose from.

These are a few ideas on what I would classify as website marketing tips for the poor. What you don’t have in money you can always make up for by investing some of your time. This is one of the great advantages Internet marketing offers.

For more free and low cost website marketing tips visit my internet marketing training web page.

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