work online at homeMany people dream of being able to work online at home full time.  The thought of being boss-free and not having to join the commute make it even more attractive.

You have probably come across adverts with tag lines such as “work at home in your pyjamas” or join the “10 second commute” – yet you may be questioning whether it really is as easy as it sounds.

Working online at home full time is not for everyone, so you need to give it some serious thought before you make the decision to give up your job.

As the boss you will be in charge of yourself. Are you able to work online at home on your own without having to be told what and when to do it?  The success of your home business rests entirely on your shoulders. When the going gets tough you need to find a way to overcome the challenges.  If you become de-motivated you need to be able to self motivate yourself to get going again.

You may think that with the peace and quiet of working at home there would be few distractions. But that is not true – there are so many distractions when you work at home.  You may find yourself doing many things other than working such as gardening, lying in the sun by the pool, doing the washing or housework or even having far too many coffee breaks with friends who pop in thinking you have nothing better to do!

If you are not self-disciplined and ensure that you set aside time to work, it is very easy to get distracted.  In fact many people find they are less productive when they do not work for a boss. 

It is really important that you manage your time effectively and get into the habit of working certain hours a day on your business.

Here are some tips you can follow to organize yourself better so that you can be more productive.

1.  It is advisable to set up an area that you can call your “home office”.  Whether you use a study or a corner of a room you need your own desk to work from. Keep everything you need for your business in your home office.

2.  You need to be comfortable in your home office so select the right spot in your home and position your desk so that you have your back to any distractions.

3.  You need to be ready to take on the role of the boss if your home business is to survive.  Plan your working hours and what you are going to do each day.  No need to overdo it so be realistic with what you can accomplish on a daily basis. Be sure to take regular breaks and this is important with an online business as your eyes need to rest often too.

4.  Let your family and friends know what your working hours are.  For some reason people think that because you work at home, you are available all day so they can just pop in any time. They need to know when you are not available for social calls. Distractions like this can cost you dearly and are one of the biggest problems with the self-employed. If it fits your business it is a good idea to put your working hours on your web site to let customers know when you will be there physically.

Working online at home full time takes a lot of planning and prioritizing. You will still get that personal call or social visit while you are trying to work no matter what you do. The same goes for getting business calls in the evening after you have closed your home office for the day.  But that is all part and parcel of working at home and it happens to everyone so don’t worry about it.  Just deal with what is really urgent and the rest can wait until tomorrow. 

In summary, the quicker you adapt to the role and responsibilities of being your own boss and get to work in planning and organizing your work schedule the easier you will find it is to work online at home full time.

You’ll find more tips for working at home in this article entitled “Is A Home Business Right For You?

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