Get Paid To Write Articles OnlineOne thing that has remained constant as the Internet grows is the demand for fresh content. One opportunity that has grown considerably over the past few years is blogging. In this article I want to offer three suggestions on ways to work from home on the Internet writing blog articles.

1. Start your own blog. There are a couple of different ways you can go about doing this.

You can join a free blogging platform such as and let them host your blog for you. The advantage to this is how quickly you can be set up.

Google owns Blogger and does a great job of providing templates that are easy to get started with. They even offer tutorials on how you can customize your blog with nothing more than the click of a button.

Another advantage to this is you can join the Google Adsense program. Google will pay you when people click on ads you put on your blog.

The other thing to do is to purchase a domain name and host your own blog.  Host Gator  is a good hosting company that makes it easy to get started with.

They have the Fantasico program where you can set up a WordPress blog and choose from numerous templates. This does not take any technical experience to do.

Regardless of how you start your own blog you will need to monetize it in some way. Google Adsense ads are a way to get paid whenever people click on them.

ClickBank is a free affiliate site you can join. This will give you access to thousands of digital information products you can add to your blog.

2. Write for bloggers. There are millions of blogs on the Internet that need content written for them.

You can start your own writing business and work from home creating blog articles around the theme of that Internet marketer’s blog. You could specialize in writing about something you know, or branch into writing about multiple topics.

A good way to get your name out there that you are open for business is to start blogging and create a few articles as sample content. Then join PayPal so people can pay you online.

3.  Join an existing opportunity where you will get paid to write onlineReal Writing Jobs will provide you with simple online writing tasks such as writing blog posts and short articles, giving your opinion of a certain kind of vehicle as well as proof reading simple documents.

These are just three ways to work from home on the internet writing blog articles. As a blog writer you control your own time and can work around your lifestyle and schedule. You might want to try doing all three of them and turn your work into a full time Internet business of your own.

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