Tips for article writingArticle writing is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. As a matter of fact if you follow the easy tips for article writing I am including here are it will make your job much simpler.

1. Short is good. I have never been a fan of long articles.

The reason for this is the writer tends to lose focus as they increase the number of words. Most article directories are looking for articles that are around 400-500 words.

When you start writing articles that are longer than this it is worth breaking them into separate articles. If the article gets to be really long you might even want to turn that into a report.

2. Write a good title. This is extremely important if you want to catch people’s attention.

Remember there are literally millions of articles on the Internet today. As Internet marketers go to an online article directory there are many articles they can choose from if they’re looking for content for their own blog or email newsletter.

A catchy title is the first step in getting them to click on the link to your article. If you’re not sure what a good title is go to an article directory and look at the ones that catch your eye. Copy these and put them into a swipe file for future rewrites.

3. Opening paragraph. Describe exactly what the reader is going to find in your article.

4. Use an outline in the body of the article. A fast way to write an article is to write a numbered list article.

Each item can be a specific point you want to address in the article itself. For a 400 word article you generally do not need more than 4 or 5 specific points.

5. Avoid big words. You can write plenty of useful content without trying to sound smarter than you are.

The time you waste looking up big words could be used to increase the number of articles you write. Generally just write like you talk and that will be plenty good enough.

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6. The summary: It’s easy to summarize an article when you follow the tips for article writing that I just listed. All you do is go back and reaffirm your opening paragraph.

7. Resource box. Although this is not a part of writing an article, when you submit your articles to article directories this is how you get traffic to your website. Spend a little time creating a good resource box and it will really help you out.

Article writing is not difficult when you follow these 7 easy tips!

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